THE WEEK: The everyday magic of Valerie June
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THE WEEK: The everyday magic of Valerie June

THE WEEK: The everyday magic of Valerie June

Growing up in Humboldt, Tennessee, singer-songwriter Valerie June was surrounded by voices.

June’s family attended the Church of Christ, a denomination whose churches highlight worship through song. But some, like June’s, forbid instruments. So the music is all acapella.

It’s fitting, then, that when June writes songs now, she receives them as voices bringing the words and melodies to her, almost like a magical radio transmission. She doesn’t pretend to know where the music comes from, either. “It just comes into me and then it comes into the world and it’s something that comes from the invisible into the visible. I feel like it’s a path for me to really get an understanding of other processes and creations,” June says by phone from her Brooklyn apartment.  Read more here.

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