CMT: Songs Come in Tennessee Time for Valerie June
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CMT: Songs Come in Tennessee Time for Valerie June

CMT: Songs Come in Tennessee Time for Valerie June

It’s hard for Valerie June to classify her sound.

She says her songs come to her in voices that sing in different styles and genres inside her mind, and all of them originate from different places and feelings.

When the West Tennessean sits down to write a song, her No. 1 goal is to honor those voices speaking directly to her soul. That’s how fans get to enjoy her unique blend of country, blues, rockabilly and soul that can be simply described as Valery June music.

Watching her songs come to life live onstage is like watching Dolly Parton, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and David Bowie perform together through one woman. Her show at Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley in February was one of the venue’s most unifying experiences in recent memory. The set attracted all walks of life who were moved to silence when she opened her mouth to sing, talk with her hands while sharing the stories of her life and explain how she pulls her music from the ether. The show was heavy on her latest album The Order of Time and 2013’s Pushin’ Against the Stone as she led a seven piece band wearing a sparkling jumpsuit that looked straight out of Bowie’s closet.  Read more here. 

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