CMT EDGE: Valerie June Sings Those “Workin’ Woman Blues”
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CMT EDGE: Valerie June Sings Those “Workin’ Woman Blues”

CMT EDGE: Valerie June Sings Those “Workin’ Woman Blues”

Tennessee native Valerie June learned to sing by listening closely to all the voices in local Church of Christ congregations — first in a predominantly black church and later in a mostly white church. But it was another voice that sang “Workin’ Woman Blues” to her when the worn-out musician was recovering from a serious illness.

“I just love country blues,” she says, “so I started messing around with the guitar, just sliding and playing. I was like, ‘OK, this feels good.’ Next thing you know, this voice started singing the ‘Workin’ Woman Blues.’ And I said, ‘Well, I can sing that! ‘Cause I been working like a man, too, all right!’ So that’s what we did. I just sat there and played and played until it all started to flow and come out.”

The brutally honest song is a highlight of Pushin’ Against a Stone, her 2013 debut album. Since its release, Valerie June’s striking vocals and sweet disposition have earned her fans all over the world. (Her official video for “Workin’ Woman Blues”was filmed at a small club in Austria.)  Read more here. 

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