CLASH: Shake Down: Clash Meets Valerie June
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CLASH: Shake Down: Clash Meets Valerie June

CLASH: Shake Down: Clash Meets Valerie June

Valerie June is a striking proposition.

Those long dreads are tied up Medusa-style, a humble yet confident persona that builds towards that voice, that unmistakeable voice.

Breakthrough album ‘Pushin’ Against A Stone’ was an international success, with Valerie seeming to sit at a junction between bluegrass and soul, between something modern and something timeless.

A hectic period of touring followed, before the Memphis artist settled down to work on fresh material.

New album ‘The Order Of Time’ is out now, and it’s a fresh, sparkling return from an artist whose honesty is something to be cherished.

Clash sat down with Valerie June for a quick back and forth during her recent visit to London.  Read more here.

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